Cantilever Stairs 

Although these stairs were initially designed in between the 17th-19th century, their minimalist design adds elegance to modern architecture. If you are looking for a stair design which gives a floating effect and allows ample space for personalisation underneath, then the cantilever design is for you. 

How Do Cantilever Stairs Work? 

Cantilever beams are attached at one end only - this gives the effect of a floating staircase. The staircase manages loads in torsion, with the help of steel pins and bolts. The stairs are anchored to the wall and can achieve waists as thin as 50mm. 

For those Looking for Discreet Elegance 

No matter if you are designing a series of luxury properties, or you are looking for inspiration for your own home, the cantilevered design can match any decor preferences. Their strength is the ability to flawlessly and discretely add to a space while not impeding your ability to make use of the surrounding area, whether that be your wall or floor space. 
Your precast concrete staircase will be conceptualised, designed and delivered all made to measure; with your specifications and needs at their heart. 
Because of our ability to manufacture these stairs off-site in our factories, we can assure our clients minimal waste alongside a perfectly fitted final product. 

Things You Should Consider 

Before going ahead with your stair order, we strongly advise having a technician check that your adjacent wall is load-bearing and is suitable in ensuring the safety of installation and use of your staircase. 

Floating Cantilevered Stairs Detail Examples 

Kallisto Cantilever Stair Drawing
Kallisto Precast Concrete Cantilever Staircase Drawing
Kallisto Cantilever Concrete Stair Detail
Cantilever Concrete Staircase White Precast Concrete Cantilever Staircase
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