Precast Concrete Winder Staircases 

Conserve space and add unique style to your home with a concrete winder staircase. While traditional stair methods can limit projects due to height and space requirements, Kallisto Stairs are made completely bespoke to your individual project specifications from precast concrete, helping you to get the most from your design. 
From design conception, through to manufacture and finally, installation, we will ensure you get your dream winder staircase. We can install with ease, for less than you might think. Find out more about our precast concrete winder stairs today. 

What is a Winder Staircase? 

Winder or 'Dog Leg' stairs are narrower on one side than the other. They are used to change the directional travel of the stairs without the need for additional landings—a series of winders installed in formation form a circular or spiral stairway. 

Luxury Winder Stairs, Without Compromising Safety 

You will not need to worry about compromising on safety measures due to having a precast concrete winder staircase. Each of our winder staircases provide an immediate working platform and are suitable to use as soon as we install them. 

Less Waste with Higher Personalisation 

While manufacturing, we use a flexible steel formwork system in our controlled offsite factory. Accurate execution in the build is achieved every time due to these frameworks, and it reduces the amount of concrete we waste. In situ concrete results in the formwork being disposed of on each project. 

Advantages of Precast Concrete Winder Stairs 

Compared to other methods of staircase construction, such as steel or timber, precast concrete is an extremely cost-effective solution. Other benefits include the fact it will be fire resistant by design, it provides superior sound insulation and noise reduction, and provides immediate safe access to upper floors, without needing ladders or other systems on site. With a precast concrete winder staircase, it provides a resilient, durable base, which you can apply attractive finishes to easily, which can include timber, marble, stone, carpet or tiles. 
Winder Stairs Before and After Winder Stair Installation
aerial view of tight winding staircases in apartment building
precast concrete winder staircase finished with wooden cladding
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