Precast Concrete Helical Staircase 

For grand designs in larger spaces, a helical staircase adds an essence of luxury or grandeur to an interior. With the ability to apply a variety of fixings to your finished stair, the opportunities to personalise this style are endless. Leave memories in the minds of your guests with this elliptical build. Find out more about our helical stairs today. 

What is a Helical Staircase? 

A helical staircase or ‘curved’ stair describes a helix radiating around a central void. Helical stairs often form a continuous “C” shape with a larger, consistent radius and can however be made to create an oval or elliptical shape configuration if required. 

For Private and Commercial Buyers 

Whether you are designing the home of your, or someone else’s dreams, or are conceptualising a grand open-plan space such as a retail or office interior, your design is our passion. We will work with you right through from the early stages to installation. Collaboration and ingenuity are at the heart of our operations; you can rest assured your precast staircase will live up to your precise expectations. 

Precast Concrete Helical Staircases for Your Benefit 

All of our stairs are made from precast concrete because we know that we can offer quality, sustainable and unique designs using this method. Using a flexible steel formwork system in a controlled offsite factory environment enables our precast concrete stairs to be made accurately, avoiding the waste than an in situ installation would incur. 

Advantages of Precast Concrete Helical Staircases 

In comparison to other methods of construction, such as steel or timber, precast concrete is extremely cost-effective, inherently fire resistant, has excellent noise reduction and sound insulation and will provide immediate safe access to upper floors; negating the need for ladders or other temporary systems on site. With a resilient, solid and durable base, attractive finishes can be applied easily to precast concrete helical stairs in the form of timber, stone, marble, tiles or carpet. 
Helical Concrete Staircase Twin Luxury Helical Staircase
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