Top design features to add to your luxury home build 

The time has come and you’re finally ready to start planning the design of your custom luxury home project. It’s an incredibly exciting prospect, but where do you start to gather inspiration? 
We’ve compiled our top inspiration tips to add to your luxury home design which are aimed at keeping the wow-factor at the heart of your project, while creating a space that feels completely unique to you. 
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Appreciate the history 

"Architecture should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness." – Frank Gehry 
Incorporating timeless elements into your design provides an excellent foundation for years to come. Achieving a timeless design means ensuring that all your design elements are sympathetic to the location, history, and surroundings of the property. Current trends can quickly look dated, so by choosing classic, high-standard design features, you’re ensuring longevity which can easily be modernised using other decorative additions. 
Understanding how you’ll use the space can help create a more functional design which leverages what you have - it’s not always about bigger, it’s about utilising design methods to create movement throughout the house. Using clever architectural elements in your design helps moves the eye around the space, giving a sense of scale and grandeur. 
One way to add movement, visual interest and up your historical charm is to choose functional components in your design and turn them into an architectural feature. 
The staircase is a perfect example of this. What is often seen as a purely functional part of a house becomes a central focal point by creating an eye-catching entryway utilising a helical or curved stair design. 
Whether it’s curved, helical, spiral or cantilever, stairs are an excellent way to add a bold architectural twist to your design to create a timeless feature of the house. 
Kallisto Stairs are designed completely bespoke to the property and are suitable to take a variety of applied finishes from timber to marble and can be paired with luxurious timber, steel or glass balustrades and handrails for the perfect finish. 
Find out more about the different types of staircases HERE
Another way to celebrate history is with archways. Not often seen in today’s designs due to the additional cost and work in creating them, but done right, archways are an architectural feature that can add plenty of personality. 
This concept can apply to any functional part of the house from entrance doors to walls, partitions, and windows. All of these have an opportunity to be transformed into a statement feature. 
Luxury curved stairs with marble flooring Custom home curved stairs with marble flooring and bespoke balustrade Custom curved stair with lighting feature and bespoke balustrade
Custom curved stairs with lighting feature, marble flooring and bespoke balustrade Custom home curved stairs with timber flooring and bespoke balustrade

Look to the future 

Bespoke luxury window with view Luxury home aerial view with solar panels
"The details are not the details. They make the design." – Charles Eames 
When designing your custom home project, it’s all about adding in high-end finishes and details. Interior hardware like handles, taps, and surfaces can completely transform your experience within the home environment. Additionally, technology elements added into your design add a highly functional modern aesthetic. Identifying areas where you can add in these extra details will elevate the space further, think integrated automation systems, audio systems, high-tech security, and touchless technology – smart home systems are designed to make your life easier and are becoming an essential addition to luxury homes. 
Another way to future-proof your design is through the inclusion of sustainability features. There are a host of easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint in the build process using eco-friendly building materials and methods, but there are also a lot of ways to up your eco-credentials in your design. Adding sustainable home features can make a big impact in lowering heating and water costs, especially important in large properties. 
Utilising high-performance windows and energy-efficient appliances help reduce usage, and investing in technologies such as solar panels, biomass boilers and heat pumps allow you to generate your own energy in a cost-effective way, reducing your reliance on conventional sources. 
For large outdoor spaces, features like rainwater harvesting systems can help conserve water and will be invaluable during dry seasons. 
Luxury home dining room with feature light and parquet flooring

Make it stand out 

"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them." – David Hicks 
There is an opportunity, especially within large and luxury homes, to harmonise your design and your lifestyle using a well-thought-out design, room layouts and features. There are an endless number of ways to add further personality to your space, think elevator installations, staircases, a wine cellar, bowling alley, nanny annex and playroom, multi-car garages or lap pools, swimming pools, and waterfalls. Your design should reflect how your family will be spending time at home. 
It's a good long-term investment too, as additional amenities will help your property stand out for future potential buyers. The housing market can help when looking at building design too, it’s also a good idea to look at some of the houses that are on the market around your area to see what additional features to include. 
luxury walk-in closet
Luxury home indoor pool and jacuzzi spa room Custom home sport and games room

We'd love to help with your next project 

If you've got a new project coming up, or are looking to acquire luxury staircases for your home, we'd love to help. Creating or renovating builds that improve the quality of life for residents and homeowners inspires us, and we're ready to be a part of your project. Please get in contact with us today to learn more. 
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