Considerations when choosing a luxury curved staircase for your new home 

Selecting a precast concrete curved staircase offers numerous advantages for your home design. The versatility of precast concrete means there is no need to compromise on aesthetics versus durability, or on elegance versus functionality. No squeaky stairs, no future maintenance. 
When considering a luxury precast concrete staircase, it is crucial to consider a few factors to ensure a smooth and structurally sound installation. While each type of staircase that we manufacture - from helical, cantilever, winder or spiral - will have their own specific considerations, here are a few key factors that apply across the board. 

Site Access 

One of the reoccurring themes that come up in the queries we receive is about access. For any Kallisto Stair installation, it’s important to note that we will always require access from above so that we can crane the staircase into position. 
Typically, installation is completed within a single day per flight, but will require site access for both a crane and an articulated truck. Ensuring close proximity to the site can prevent the need for a larger crane, avoiding additional costs thereby reducing costs. 
Due to the uneven weight distribution of a concrete curved staircase, the installation requires a slow and considered lift. The lifting points on each stair are carefully measured and are outlined on your detailed design drawings. Our in-house Fixing team and trusted crane partners are both experienced and highly skilled in installations and have navigated very tight access points – in some cases by the millimetre! 
Precast concrete curved stair is delivered on back of rigid lorry

Reinforcement & Foundations 

On average, a curved precast staircase weighs in at around 4-5 tonnes and will require some structural considerations to ensure that weight is properly distributed and reinforced. When installing a precast concrete staircase, the reinforcement and foundation design requirements play a crucial role in ensuring structural integrity. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind: 
Precast concrete curved staircase with corbel detail highlighted in green Close up of worker guiding in curved concrete stair with projecting steel reinforcement Curved concrete stair is installed with crane showing steel cleats for support

 Corbel Detail 

We always recommend including a corbel detail for staircases that are being installed against a supporting wall. The corbel detail can substantially reduce torsion by redistributing the weight of the staircase and providing additional reinforcement. 
Installing the corbel detail involves bolting and propping at the midway point, constructing the wall, and then subsequently removing the props. 
This detail offers substantial stability and negates the need for adding additional reinforcement elsewhere. 

   Standalone Staircase 

If you have your heart set on a freestanding feature staircase, larger steel structures would be required at the top and base of the stairs to create a stronger support skeleton for the staircase. We can also allow for projecting steel/rebar to extend from the staircase to be stitched tied into the landing structure before it is cast in situ. Our in-house team of designers will be able to advise on the best approach for providing optimal structural integrity of a standalone staircase. 

    Load-bearing Capacity 

To support the weight of the staircase, proper load-bearing capacity is crucial. Utilising rebar for strength and reinforcing the concrete is essential, especially for curved or feature landings. The use of steel framework may also be required for landings. 
Any floor which supports the staircase must be structurally sound. A timber joist floor may not be suitable, necessitating an in-situ landing or a steel frame where the staircase can be securely bolted into place. 

Our Process 

There Here’s what you can expect when you embark on the journey of installing a precast concrete curved staircase with Kallisto Stairs: 
1. Initial Quotation: Once we have your drawings, we can kickstart the journey, offering insights into the shape, tread width, number of treads/risers, and floor-to-floor height. Your quote will include the cost of the staircase, delivery, and installation (unless you request this to be left off). 
2. Site Survey: Once you’ve given the go-ahead, a site visit will be required to assesses access. From this site visit, we can provide crane lifting plans as part of our mandatory Risk assessment Method Statement. 
3. In-House Design: Then, the drawings and quote will go to our in-house design team who will work with your architect, contractor, and design team to create detailed drawings. The drawings will include all the structural points above. We are incredibly proud of our in-house design team, which ensures a precise and consistent design across the entire process rather than relying on a third party. 
4. Manufacturing: Once these drawings are approved, they become the manufacturing drawings. These can also be shared with outside suppliers, such as lighting and balustrade suppliers. Once the drawings are sent to our manufacturing team, it will take approximately five weeks to create your bespoke masterpiece. 
5. Delivery & Installation: When your stairs are nearly ready, one of our team will be in touch to schedule in delivery and installation. 
Luxury spiral staircase shown from above with handrails and timber treads

Budget & Costs for a Luxury Curved Staircase 

How much does a luxury curved staircase cost? We are committed to transparency, and this extends to budget considerations. While precast versus in-situ costs are deliberated, you can expect a standard curved precast staircase to range from £12-18k with a corbel
If your design extends beyond 3m in height, additional considerations may come into play. While a Kallisto staircase can be just over 4m in height, the impact of this could mean demoulding outdoors, involving a mobile crane and potentially requiring a larger transport vehicle, all of which would have cost implications. 

Get Started 

Kallisto Stairs is part of the Milbank Concrete Products family and proudly maintains its status as the UK’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete products for over 75 years. Our in-house, full-service offering allows our luxury bespoke precast concrete staircases to be completely customised to size, shape, and finish to meet specific project specifications. We also offer a range of compatible products to streamline construction projects. From design to manufacturing, delivery, and installation, all aspects of the process are handled by our highly skilled team, ensuring quality and consistency. 
We are also committed to being the most sustainable precast concrete manufacturer in the UK and are on track to achieve our net zero target by 2030. With dedicated resources allocated to the ongoing adoption of sustainable practices, we aim to continue to reduce not only our own carbon footprint, but to also encourage the industry to continue to pursue and embrace sustainability within their own practices. 
If you’re ready to find out more about our precast concrete stairs, contact us directly for a free quotation. 
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