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Precast Concrete Step Unit Staircase Drawing
Concrete Cantilever Staircase Design
Individual Concrete Step Stair Design
Concrete Sawtooth Slabless Stair Design
Sawtooth Staircase with Precast Concrete Landing Design Drawing
Y-shaped Concrete Staircase with landing CAD drawing
Cantilever Staircase CAD Design Drawing
Denham Media Centre Spiral Staircase Design Drawing

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What is Interior Architecture? 

Interior architecture, which is actually a subject rather than a profession, is a phrase that is seeing more and more use due to the blurring lines between interior and structural design. As design technology (CAD) improves, and interior designers begin to upskill structural technical elements of buildings - we’re seeing more of a crossover. 

Who can call themselves an Interior Architect? 

Interior architects, though often grouped with interior decorators, take on larger tasks than just making a room or building aesthetically pleasing. Their role is to take into account what is considered both practical and appealing, whilst also understanding the structure of a building to enable them to make it safe and functional. Only those who have a professional accreditation from an architectural body can call themselves an interior architect. We are not interior architects, but we work closely alongside them to produce stunning staircase installations. 

Where does concrete stair design and installation come into it? 

The luxury concrete stairs that we design and install work with the architects blueprints to create the desired interior look. The work we carry out often occurs in new luxury builds or within existing builds undergoing renovation. It's worth noting, if you do require a stair within a renovation development that the roof will need to be removed to allow access for the staircase to be craned into position. In some cases, the stairs we provide add structural integrity as well as the desired aesthetic. Each design is bespoke to the building it sits in—interacting differently with its surroundings. 
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