Precast Concrete Slabless Sawtooth Stairs 

If you are looking to give guests a sense of wonderment when they enter your interior or exterior space, the waistless design of a slabless staircase style perfectly befits modern designs. Also known as sawtooth or zigzag staircases, the slabless staircase style will add a unique style to your space. Their design and detailing principles make them individual, and they work well in open-plan properties. 

What are the Benefits of Slabless Sawtooth Staircases? 

Are you designing an open plan space where your goals focus on maximising every inch or have you a lot of space to play with and want to amplify it further? The slabless staircase is perfect in keeping a space flowing. 
Besides, the addition of this style will wow your future guests. The aesthetic can be magical as the ingenuity of design enables the stairs to appear as if they are floating. You can create an inspirational and modern styled space, and we can design and install for you, perfectly precast, bringing your ideas to life. 

Made Perfectly to Fit the Architecture of your Property 

When you are in the midst of a design project, you want assurance that each element you add to a property is a perfect fit. When there are setbacks, a project suffers. Whether you are on a large-scale build project or adding a new focal point to your home, we conceptualise and design our staircases offsite so that we can consider every specification. When we come to install, your new staircase will be a perfect fit. And, it will be ready to use instantaneously. 
You can help us make this process smoother by having the architect's drawings showing the layout of the stairs within the development. Take a look at our stair design and support considerations

Slabless and Sawtooth Staircase Detail Examples 

Kallisto Precast Sawtooth Staircase Design Drawing
Kallisto Concrete Sawtooth Staircase Design Detail
Slabless Sawtooth Concrete Staircase
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