5 Top Modern Staircase Designs 

Staircases are not only a functional part of the modern home, but an architectural statement. Stairs can bring with them a refined design, personality, space and utility to an interior space. Here, we’ll showcase some of our top modern designs. 
The staircases we deal with, precast and bespoke for large homes and building complexes, come with a sense of grandeur. They’re a large piece of architectural design that fills a space, becoming part of its allure. 
When you’re thinking about the staircase to your property or project, it can help to see some examples of modern architecture. Not only will it show you the impressive utilitarian nature of the staircase, but also their impressive aesthetic. 

Modern Staircase Design Ideas 

A curved design into an open landing 

This modern staircase impressively uses the house design, hugging the landing and wrapping its way around the side of the space keeps these open plan rooms aflame with light. It compliments the patterned floor and wall design and it’s marbled finish with cast iron balusters completes the grand feel. 
A luxury curved stair design into an open landing
An enclosed helical staircase, connecting multiple levels

An enclosed helical staircase, connecting multiple levels 

This design comes from the modern revocation of the Denham Film Studios. The simple helical design, slathered in white, creates a functional and beautiful cascade between the floors. The stairs act as both a focal point of the interior design and allows space and light to work its way through the gaps. For when natural light fades, the stairs also have built-in lights (in the concrete baluster). 

Framing light, over several stories 

This curved design over three stories dramatically frames the hanging light most of the way down. Customised with a marble finish, stair lights and cast iron balusters to match the grand aesthetic. 
Curved stair framing light over several stories
A functional curved staircase design framed by glass

A functional curved design framed by glass 

Everything about this music school design is modern. From its use of glass, to solar panels, to natural light. The helical staircase, finished with timber, and framed by a concrete baluster sits inside the window adding to the unique design. 

Encapsulating hanging lights, the entire journey 

This golden handrail, featured on a glass baluster, extending over three floors with a carpeted finish is mesmerising. Especially as you are followed the entire way down by bespoke hanging lights of different colours. It almost feels like being inside a gold pocket watch. The design magically traps light to create a mesmerising effect, from top to bottom, and even looking up is magnificent. 
Encapsulating hanging lights with a bespoke curved stair

Modern Staircase Railings 

Many of our modern designs incorporate balusters over wall railings. Interior designers usually see balusters as another way to add personality and flair to a staircase. There’s a lot you can do to personalise and perfect the design of a baluster. 
Designers can choose from glass, cast-iron, concrete and more to make sure the staircase is framed with a fitting material and style. 

Decoration Options 

In modern staircase decoration, light is always heavily incorporated. Design around natural light, man made light such as chandeliers or lights built into the stair railings, balusters or steps are common. As we mentioned above, balusters and railings offer individual ways to further personalise a staircase. 
The surface finish will have a large impact. A lot of designs incorporate a marble or marble-effect finish over precast concrete. But you may wish to lay carpet, wooden boards or, sometimes paint or linoleum. There are plenty of surface finish options that will garner a very different feel for the overall design, and if you’re going precast with your staircase, it’s something you should consider. 

Designing Bespoke Staircases for the UK 

Designing bespoke modern staircases is what we do here. If you’re looking for help designing, building, or installing a staircase for your dream property, or as part of your next project, get in touch
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